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A good corporate governance is a question of ensuring, on behalf of the shareholders, that the company is run effeciently and is of critical importance for the company's operative business and its implementation of long-term business goals. In the section Corporate Governance, you can find information about how Crown Energy is working in order to achieve a good corporate governance.

Crown Energy’s corporate governance is allocated among shareholders, the Board, the CEO, and senior management. Governance is regulated mainly by the Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act, NGM’s rules for companies whose shares are traded on NGM Main Regulated, the Code, good practice on the stock market, and internal guidelines and policies. 

Companies whose shares are traded on a regulated market are required to implement the Code. The Code is part of selfregulation in the Swedish business community and is based on the principle of comply or explain. This means that a company applying the Code may deviate from individual rules but must explain the reason for each deviation and provide a description of the solution that was chosen instead. The Code is available at www. corporategovernanceboard.se.

In accordance with the provisions of the Annual Accounts Act and the Code, Swedish companies whose shares are traded on a Swedish regulated market must also prepare a Corporate Governance Report. Crown Energy’s corporate governance reports are prepared accordingly and are part of the formal annual accounts.

Rules of the Code from which Crown Energy deviated are indicated in the Corporate Governance Report. Explanations and solutions that were used instead are described in each respective section of the Corporate Governance Report.

Governance structure and accountability

The shareholders of Crown Energy exercise their influence on the annual general meeting, the Company’s highest decision-making body, while the Board of Directors and the CEO are responsible for the Company’s organisation and management of the Company’s affairs in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, other laws and regulations, applicable rules for listed companies, the Articles of Association and the Board’s internal control instruments. Crown Energy’s governance structure is described in the following organizational chart of the various governing bodies. A description of each governing body follows.

Corporate governance report

The corporate governance report was before part of the formal annual accounts (management's report). The auditor's opinion of the corporate governance report was therefore a part of the auditor's report. From 2016, the corporate goverance report is still part of the annual accounts, but not as part of management's report. This means that a separate auditor's report is given for the corporate goverance report.

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