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  • Andreas Forssell

    CEO since 2015

    Andreas Forssell (born 1971) has an MBA from Cass Business School in London in 2000 and a business degree from the University of Stockholm which he attended from 1992-1996. Andreas Forssell has 15 years experience in various senior management positions in different industries. Until recently he was managing director of Tomsk Refining AB. Prior to that Andrew Forssell worked as an advisor in corporate finance and in M & A. He is also a board member in Kopy Goldfields AB.

    Andreas Forssell was Vice President and CFO in Crown Energy between 2011 and June 2015, before he became CEO in July 2015.

    Andreas Forssell owns privately and via company 175,765 ordinary shares in Crown Energy AB.

  • Jenny Björk

    CFO since 2015

    Jenny (born 1979) studied business administration at Linköping University between 1999-2005. Jenny Björk also studied business administration in 2003 at Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL) in Leipzig, Germany. Between the years 2005-2012, Jenny worked with audit at Deloitte and became in January 2012 an Authorized Public Accountant.

    Jenny Björk was Financial Manager of Crown Energy between 2013 and June 2015, before she took over the role as CFO in July 2015.

    Jenny Björk owns 44,750 ordinary shares in Crown Energy AB.

  • Alan Simonian

    COO since 2016

    Board member since 2011

    Alan Simonian (born 1966) received his law degree from Southampton University 1988. Alan Simonian has been involved in Crown Energy since 2011. Alan Simonian's work consists primarily of business development and Chairman. He has worked with a variety of international projects within the oil and gas industry, particularly in Nigeria and South Africa. Alan Simonian's focus is on project generation for Crown. As an previous example, Alan Simonian was involved in the start up of Scotsdale Ltd which was awarded a number of licenses in the North Sea. This company was later acquired by PA Resources AB. In addition, Alan Simonian's experience in the oil industry dates back to 1996 when he founded the London-based oil services company, Simco Petroleum Management Ltd. Alan Simonian is a Director of Thombo Petroleum Ltd. and he is the COO of Simco Petroleum Management Ltd.

    Alan Simonian owns, privately and via company, in total 3,429,521 ordinary shares in Crown Energy AB.

  • Peter Mikkelsen

    Exploration Manager since 2011

    Peter Mikkelsen (born 1953) has over 30 years experience in the oil industry, which includes over 15 years experience in various management positions in exploration. Peter Mikkelsen received his bachelor's degree in geology from Oxford University in 1976. After his graduation, Peter Mikkelsen worked in Carless Exploration Ltd where he was primarily responsible for their onshore discoveries in the UK. After becoming exploration manager for Carless' U.S. subsidiary, he moved back to Britain in 1998 where he became an employee of Brabant Petroleum Limited. As Exploration Manager of Brabant Petroleum he was involved in several discoveries in the North Sea, including Malory, Hannay and Goldeneye.

    In addition to this, he was also involved in Brabant European and Tunisian expansion. He left Brabant in 1999 and has since worked as a consultant. He focuses primarily on the development of exploration projects in which he mainly focuses on, technical G & G, commercial and project implementation. The last ten years, Peter Mikkelsen has worked with a wide range of international projects with significant experience in areas such as Africa, Northwestern Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean and the U.S.. Since 2009 he has been a non executive director of Kea Petroleum PLC and has been an associate in Simco Petroleum Management since 2000.

    Peter Mikkelsen owns 100,000 ordinary shares in Crown Energy AB.

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