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  • Pierre-Emmanuel Weil

    Chairman of the board since May 2016

    Pierre-Emmanuel Weil (born 1981) was elected to chairman of the board of directors, by the AGM on 4 May 2016. He has Major in finance from HEC in Paris and a 2-year law degree from Paris XI university. Between 2004-2008 Pierre-Emmanuel Weil worked for BNP Paribas as director within the Leveraged Finance Europe team. In his role we worked, for instance, with commercial and financial due diligences, presented investment opportunities to LFE Investment Committee and led the execution of major buyouts.

    In 2009, Pierre-Emmanuel Weil founded Weil Investissment in Paris, which main business is asset allocation and private funds management, wealth mapping and other advisory services. During 2016 the fund Cement Fund was created by Pierre-Emmanuel Weil via Weil Investissement. The fund’s purpose is to invest in Oil and Gas PE Industry. Beside Weil Investissement, Pierre-Emmanuel Weil is since 2012 a board member and shareholder in Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace.

    Pierre-Emmanuel Weil does not personally own any shares in Crown Energy AB, but is responsible for the fund Cement Fund SCSp which holds 63,000,000 ordinary shares of Crown Energy AB.

  • Alan Simonian

    Board member since 2011

    Alan Simonian (born 1966) received his law degree from Southampton University 1988 and originally qualified as a UK solicitor. Alan Simonian has been involved in Crown Energy since 2011. Alan Simonian's work consists primarily of business development and management of Crown’s oil and gas assets under our Energy arm. He has worked with a variety of international projects within the oil and gas industry, particularly in West Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. Alan Simonian's focus is on project generation for Crown. Alan Simonian's experience in the oil industry dates back to 1996 when he founded the London-based oil industry technical support services company, Simco Petroleum Management Ltd. Alan Simonian is a Director of Crown’s South African subsidiary, Simbo Petroleum Ltd.

    Alan Simonian owns, privately and via family and company, in total 3,429,521 shares in Crown Energy AB.

  • Jean Benaim

    Board member since May 2016

    Jean Benaim (born 1947) was elected as board member, by the AGM on 4 May 2016. Jean Benaim studied at Robespierre College and within the section for economics and industrial statistics at Arts et Métiers in Paris.

    Since more than 30 years, Jean Benaim has worked with trading of coffee and cocoa in Africa. Jean Benaim was one of the first ones, working for Sifca Group, who began exporting raw coffee and cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Congo. Since 1983, Jean Benaim is active in Intercafo S.A, engaged in international trade in coffee and cocoa, especially from the Ivory Coast.

    Between 2001 and 2007 Jean Benaim worked for the oil company Addax Petroleum, before the company was acquired by Sinopec Group. In his role Jean Benaim was responsible, among other things, for contacts with the oil ministry in Côte d'Ivoire regarding the Espoir field. From 2007 until today, Mr Benaim worked for Sea-Invest, a group with subsidiaries active in both port logistics as the oil service area in several African countries. Jean Benaim has been CEO and President of Sea-Invest in Ivory Coast and Sea-Invest Oil Services, and has been on the board for Sea -Invest Afrique.

    Jean Benaim does not own any shares in Crown Energy AB or its subsidiaries.

  • Yoav Ben-Eli

    Board member since December 2016 and CEO since October 2021

    Yoav Ben-Eli (born 1970), with Portoguese citizenship, was elected board member on 12 December 2016.

    Yoav Ben-Eli has a BSC in Biological Sciences from Tel Aviv University, but has since 20 years back in time worked in Africa with the construction projects within the oil and gas industry. In 2000 Yoav Ben-Eli founded ESI Group - Engineering Services International, which operates in Angola. Yoav Ben-Eli has 15 years of experience from CEO and various manager positions in several African countries.

    Yoav Ben-Eli owns via his company Ybe Ventures Ltd, 343,817,971 shares in Crown Energy AB.

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