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Business concept

Crown Energy shall provide customised housing and office solu- tions, as well as develop oil and gas projects through exploration and processing, initially in Africa and the Middle East. Value is created by offering international companies a one-stop-shop concept for residential premises, offices and associated services as well as developing assets in early stages and then introducing suitable oil and gas industry players to the projects for further development and production.


Crown Energy’s objective is to generate the highest possible return for shareholders with a balanced risk awareness. The Company aims to have an established service business through property concepts in several geographic markets as well as a balanced portfolio of development and exploration assets.


To be an established player and an obvious partner in the international energy market, both in exploration and in development of customised residential and office solutions and value-added services.

Advantages of combined operations

Several advantages are created by the combination of the Asset Development and Management business areas, and the Energy business area. Together, the business becomes more diversified, which means reduced risk. The cash flow generated within the service business can be used to further develop exploration assets. Establishing customer relationships with some of the world’s leading energy companies in Asset Development and Management also increases Crown Energy’s opportunities to capitalise on existing exploration assets. Crown Energy can also offer exploration and extraction partners related services in the form of customised residential properties and offices close to the assets.


The Company’s strategy is based on the overall objective of generating
the highest possible return for shareholders with a balanced
risk awareness.

  • Establishing service operations in more markets requiring residential and office solutions in the oil and gas industry
  • Carefully selecting exploration areas where the chance of oil and gas discoveries is high
  • Exploiting synergies between the two business areas and reinvesting some of the cash flow from service operations to further develop the exploration assets
  • Offering exploration and production partners tailored residential premises and offices in proximity to the assets
  • Pursuing farm-out opportunities as exit strategies to capitalise as much as possible on the assets
  • Creating a good risk spread through several parallel projects

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