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Business concept

Through exploration and reprocessing, Crown Energy develops oil and gas projects in underexplored areas, initially in Africa and the Middle East. The Company creates value by finding and developing assets in early stages and then introducing larger oil and gas industry players to the projects for further development and production.


Crown Energy’s goals are to become an independent oil and gas player with a significant reserve and resource base and to maintain a balanced portfolio of development and exploration assets.


The Company’s strategy is based on the overall objective of generating
the highest possible return for shareholders with a balanced
risk awareness.

  • Crown Energy will benefit from its own and other player’s experiences in order to carefully select exploration areas where the chance of oil and gas discoveries is high.
  • Crown Energy will seek good risk diversification, geographical as well as geological, and pursue farm-out opportunities as exit strategies in order to capitalise as much as possible on its assets.
  • Crown Energy intends to run multiple parallel projects in order to diversify.


Crown Energy’s vision is to eventually become a major, profitable player in the international oil market.

Crown Energy AB (publ)

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