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Crown Energy is an international group providing customised solutions for housing, offices and associated services, as well as oil and gas exploration in Africa and the Middle East. The Company creates value via two business areas: Asset Development and Management and Energy.

In Asset Development and Management business area, the Company offers a one-stop- shop concept for housing, offices and associated services to international companies. The Energy business area focuses on exploration opportunities with high potential for recoverable reserves.

Business Model

Crown Energy shall provide customised housing and office solu- tions, as well as develop oil and gas projects through exploration and processing, initially in Africa and the Middle East. Value is created by offering international companies a one-stop-shop concept for residential premises, offices and associated services as well as developing assets in early stages and then introducing suitable oil and gas industry players to the projects for further development and production.

Organisation and staff

Crown Energy's headquarters are located in Stockholm, and the company also has offices in Luanda, Luxembourg, London as well as project offices in South Africa and in Madagascar. Project offices handle all-day administration of the projects and manages all official contacts.



Crown Energy AB (publ)

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