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Crown Energy shall develop oil and gas projects in under-explored areas through exploration and appraisal, initially in Africa. Value growth is created by acquiring maturing early stage assets until they are ready to farm out or sell on to bigger industry players.

Crown Energy is focused on exploration opportunities with high potential for recoverable reserves. The company has started with and aims to continue to build a good diversification of projects, both geographically and geologically, and seeks to capitalize on its assets as much as possible though farm-out opportunities and through exit strategies.

Crown Energy began operations in 2010 with the formation of the portfolio. The business is currently focused on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Business Model

Crown Energy's main focus is on under-exploited areas in Africa. Crown's Management Team has many years of knowledge and experience in the region which it can draw upon to source attractive projects.  Crown Energy creates value by identifying, acquiring, exploring and apprising assest to make ready for the production of oil and gas. Its strategy is to enter into projects at early stages and further develop projects through development work and resource optimization . Once a project is on track for oil and gas production, Crown Energy intends to realize the potential value added by farm-out or sale of the project to a major oil and gas player. 

Organisation and staff

Crown Energy's headquarters are located in Stockholm, and the company also has offices in London as well as project offices in South Africa and in Madagascar. Project offices handle all-day administration of the projects and manages all official contacts.



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