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Crown Energy provides customised residential properties and offices at difficult- to-access locations around the world, primarily in Africa. Crown Energy designs and develops various types of solutions based on customer needs – everything from temporary projects lasting a few years to longer term projects running for several decades. Crown Energy provides property leasing and management as well as support and associated services that add value for both customers and shareholders.


Thanks to the acquisition of ESI Group in 2017, Crown Energy has vast experience providing a one-stop-shop concept in line with high international standards both in urban environments and in re- mote and difficult-to-access locations. Crown Energy’s concept includes financing, design, construction and subsequent opera- tions, management and value-added services.

In collaboration with partners, Crown  Energy  has  the  capacity to establish customised projects at new locations in a time-effi- cient manner. Various solutions are proposed depending on the geographic location, scope and time frame of the  project, either in the form of rapid deployment camps or long-term property assets.

Rapid Deployment Camps

Projects with short to medium time horizons, usually between  two and five years, entail the establishment of rapid deployment camps, which include everything from advanced tent solutions designed for small teams to modular buildings for up to 1,000 people. This is mainly for projects in remote and difficult-to- access locations where the customer needs to establish operations for a limited time.

Crown Energy builds tailored buildings and facilities in a timely manner, including comfortable accommodations and reliable electricity, heating, cooling, water, fuel depots, etc.

Long-term Property Assets

In urban environments and projects with longer time horizons, Crown Energy engages in more  extensive construction and provides residential and office lease solutions that meet high international standards. The core of  this offering is  Crown Energy’s goal to provide a high level of quality and service while saving customers the trouble of making large investments. Crown Energy coordinates financing,  design, construction, operation and management while offering additional services that create pleasant environments for the occupants.


Regardless of geographic location, Crown Energy aims to provide high-quality housing and services with a high level of service. Within property management and service, Crown Energy provides:

► Maintenance
► Security solutions
► Logistics and transport
► Sanitation solutions and waste management
► Water and fuel depot maintenance
► Caretaker services
► Internet, TV and satellite connection
► Kitchen and laundry facilities


Crown Energy offers an overall solution, enabling customers to focus on their core business and avoid unnecessary administration. This includes fully equipped and furnished apartments, suites, common areas, gyms and conference rooms. Selection of value-added services offered:

► Support services, 24-hour service and maintenance request service
► Catering services
► Security services
► Recreational and conference areas
► Cleaning, washing and domestic services
► Assistance with phone, TV and internet services
► Medical support when needed


We save management time for our clients  using  a  unique single annual bill which includes  all the services  provided: Rent, asset management, maintenance, security, utilities and catering, telecoms, laundry and many more.


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